Sunday, 1 April 2012

How many kisses?

Are you a one kiss texter? 3 kisses? or dare I asknone! :(

Personally I have different numbers for different people in my life, however I recently witnessed a friend in the beginning of a new relationship putting in excess of 10 kisses at the end of his texts to her. The relationship has subsequently ended, in some part due to his overbearingness. How many is right?

I have a standard one kiss policy for most people in my life, most of my friends, aquaintances and my mum. My dad and brother however recieve none, not in a bad way, me and my father are not particularly close and rarely text but when we do a kiss just seems wrong somehow, and my brother is more of a smiley face person.

Three of my close friends usually get 2 kisses, but my best friend gets none, painfully so. Once upon a time he did get kisses, but I never got them in return, i have jokily complained about his lack of kisses and he claims he is just not a kissy person and when finding out that even his girlfriend at the time didn’t get any I decided to stop.

But finally my boyfriend gets 4 kisses on each and every text. I think 4 is as far as it will go, and unless one of us is in a drunk and soppy mood we wont be starting a trend of 10 or more kisses. Even at the start of our relationship it was one kiss a text, too many too early is dangerous. 4 however is also dangerous even at this stage, as i text my boyfriend far more often than anyone else I am in a 4 kiss habit and am constantly putting 4 on texts to any random person.

So what are the rules? If any?

xx (you get 2, even though I don’t know you, since you are reading this I already like you :) )

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